Secure Base Leadership

A Secure Base is something to be critically developed at a young age, however it continues to play much importance throughout life.

Expert to Experimenter

When we assume the position of the ‘expert’, it can change how we look at a problem; it limits our ability to be open to challenging our belief system (which is often formed off a sample size of one), to unlearning.

Raising Leaders at Work Using the Principles of Parenting

We all know when we see great leadership. We identify it, point it out and it imprints on our minds forever. Yet in research completed by Grenny and Maxfield for their book Crucial Conversations, they found that when we are in a situation that requires us to show leadership, for example calling out poor behaviour, having a difficult conversation or holding people accountable, 72% of us will fail to do anything.

May the 4th Industrial Revolution Be with You: Part 1

In the past 150 years, technology has grown exponentially and now that we are literally catching up with ourselves so that we can effectively operate in a world where we have become increasingly reliant on machines not only for comfort, but for survival, it is time to stand still and contemplate what that means for us when it comes to earning a living.