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Remote Work Edition: 9 tips to beat post-holiday blues

Returning to work after a long and relaxing holiday can sometimes be challenging, especially during the pandemic you’ve most likely been spending your free time in the same place you work, which is your home. It is definitely much easier returning to a physical office space that will help your brain transition from holiday to work mode. 

Here are some tips to make things easier and less stressful.

#1 Plan your return.

Consider returning home one or two days before your job begins to ease on your first day back and get a more quiet and uninterrupted jump on email. Besides, it can lessen the impact of that first day back to work.

#2 Create a dedicated  workspace at home.

Allocate a certain area in your home for a home office. Having a workspace with all of your work files and equipment organized systematically can boost your productivity and focus while avoiding the stress of constantly setting up your work materials on a daily basis.

#3 Create a  prioritized task list.

Lists can be fun! Plus it will help you keep track of things. Create a list of important tasks that have to be completed during your first few days back and remember to check them off when they’re completed. 

#4 Give yourself a buffer day

You’ll need to give some time between the end of your vacation and the start of your workweek. While each holiday day is valuable and precious there is no reason to stress yourself out by returning to work immediately. Instead, give yourself a day at home as a buffer. Run some errands, unpack, and reconnect with family and friends.

#5 Rest.

The last thing you want to do becomes anxious because your workload is overwhelming. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go back for work. 

#6 Practice a positive mindset.

 Working from home requires a bit of mental discipline. Stretch your legs to do quick tasks around the house when you have a small window break. Do breathing exercises and remember to hydrate and eat.  

#7 Do a quick review of your calendar.

It’s always good to do a quick recap on what’s been going on at work. Confirm upcoming meetings, deadlines and projects. So you’ll be better prepared for the days ahead.

#8 Limit your distractions.

When interrupted, you may find it difficult to return to your task. Try and stay motivated by limiting distractions by silencing your phone notifications, checking your email sparingly and listening to your body when it needs to rest. 

#9 Remember to take a break.

It may be tempting to feel productive, especially when you’re working from home. However, it is vital to take regular brain breaks in order to reduce stress or burn out. One easy way is to look out your window towards the horizon for at least 5 minutes to rest your strained eyes.

*This article is written by Arissa Redea Shafee for HReasily

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