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Seamless workflows between systems, with HReasilyPro

Efficiency and integration are now fundamental elements of success in the modern business world. Organisations are actively working to streamline their operations and leverage automation to stay competitive. Within this context, the demand for seamless workflows that connect various systems is more critical than ever.

Enter HReasilyPro, a true industry disruptor. With its impressive range of capabilities, HReasilyPro not only simplifies HR management but also redefines how organisations approach process optimisation and connectivity.

Throughout this article, we will immerse ourselves in the realm of seamless workflows, uncovering how HReasilyPro is shaping the future of inter-system integration and why it’s an indispensable solution for businesses of all sizes. 


Discover the Power of HReasilyPro Connect

Workato is a leading automation platform that connects your favourite apps, automates tasks, and enhances your productivity. When seamlessly integrated with HReasilyPro, it creates an HR management powerhouse.


Here are some key use cases that showcase the immense potential of this integration:

Effortless and Cohesive Employee Onboarding:

Employee onboarding is a pivotal phase in the employee lifecycle, shaping the initial impression and experience of new hires within an organisation. HReasilyPro’s streamlined onboarding process is designed to be not just efficient but transformational, making the onboarding journey seamless and hassle-free.

  • Unifying Onboarding Experiences

With HReasilyPro, the onboarding process can occur either directly within the platform or on another designated platform of your choice. This flexibility ensures that regardless of the chosen platform, the onboarding experience remains consistent, creating a unified approach that simplifies HR operations.

  • Automated Data Harmonization

The true power of HReasilyPro’s onboarding feature lies in its capability to automatically synchronise employee data with Workato applications. This integration orchestrates various tasks, such as issuing Google or Microsoft emails for new employees, seamlessly integrating them into communication channels like Slack or other chat groups, and creating comprehensive employee profiles within HReasilyPro and NetSuite – a renowned cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

  • Elimination of Repetitive Tasks

Bid farewell to the arduous and time-consuming task of entering the same data into multiple systems. HReasilyPro handles this process automatically, significantly reducing the risk of data entry errors and ensuring that your HR team is freed from the burden of manual data replication.

  • Accelerated Onboarding Productivity

Streamlined onboarding significantly accelerates the productivity of new employees. They gain immediate access to essential communication and collaboration tools, and their data is readily available for HR and managerial purposes. This not only facilitates a quicker transition into their roles but also contributes to a more efficient and engaged workforce.


Effortless Payroll Approval for Unparalleled Ease

Payroll approval is a critical and often intricate task for any organisation. Ensuring that employees are compensated accurately and on time is a fundamental responsibility of HR and finance teams. HReasilyPro’s seamless integration with Workato HR apps simplifies the payroll approval process, providing a hassle-free experience and ensuring that payments are both timely and accurate.

  • Streamlined Approval Workflow

With HReasilyPro’s integrated payroll approval feature, the process is streamlined to enhance efficiency. HR and finance professionals can initiate and manage payroll approvals directly within the HReasilyPro platform. This centralization eliminates the need to navigate through multiple systems or use manual processes, reducing the likelihood of errors and delays.

  • Integration with Workato HR applications

The integration with Workato HR applications takes payroll approval to the next level. It allows for the seamless flow of payroll data between HReasilyPro and other critical HR applications, ensuring that all relevant information is readily available for the approval process. This interconnected ecosystem eliminates data silos and enhances data accuracy.

  • Timely and Accurate Payments

One of the key benefits of this integration is its ability to guarantee timely and accurate payments. The automated approval process ensures that the right data is in the right place at the right time, significantly reducing the risk of discrepancies or missed payrolls. This reliability fosters trust among employees, promoting a positive work environment.

  • Enhanced Control

HR and finance professionals retain full control over the payroll approval process. The user-friendly interface within HReasilyPro allows for easy review and verification of payroll data, giving approvers confidence in their decisions. The process can be customised to align with the organisation’s unique payroll requirements.

  • Data Visibility and Reporting

HReasilyPro offers comprehensive visibility into the payroll approval workflow. HR and finance teams can track the status of approvals, access historical data, and generate reports effortlessly. This data-driven approach supports compliance, auditing, and strategic financial planning.


Efficiency in Financial Reporting Made Simple

Financial reporting is a critical aspect of business operations, providing insights into the financial health of an organisation. HReasilyPro’s integration to Workato allows financial report generation, making it effortless and ensuring that financial data is precisely where it needs to be when it’s needed.

  • Streamlined Report Generation

Within HReasilyPro, generating payroll reports becomes a straightforward and efficient task. The platform offers intuitive tools to create customised reports that cater to your organisation’s specific needs. Whether it’s summarising payroll expenses, tax deductions, or employee earnings, you have full control over the data you want to include.

  • Seamless Distribution to Finance

Once your payroll reports are ready, HReasilyPro simplifies the distribution process. You can seamlessly send these reports directly to your finance department, eliminating the need for manual data transfer or email attachments. This ensures that your finance team has immediate access to critical payroll information, promoting timely decision-making and financial planning.

  • Integration with Accounting Software

What sets HReasilyPro apart is its integration with popular accounting software like Xero, Quickbooks, and NetSuite. This integration automates the transfer of financial data from HReasilyPro to your accounting system. This means that your financial data is not only readily available to your finance team but also automatically updated in your accounting software. No more manual data entry or reconciliation, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

  • Data Accuracy and Compliance

By automating the flow of financial data, HReasilyPro ensures data accuracy and compliance with tax regulations. You can trust that your financial reports are based on up-to-date and error-free data, reducing the risk of compliance issues and audit discrepancies.

  • Enhanced Financial Visibility

The integration with accounting software enhances financial visibility across your organisation. Finance professionals can access real-time financial data, track expenses, and generate accurate financial statements with ease. This empowers organisations to make informed financial decisions and plan for the future with confidence.


Why Should You Explore HReasilyPro Connect?

  • Efficiency: Automate repetitive tasks, freeing up your time for strategic HR initiatives.
  • Accuracy: Eliminate data inconsistencies and reduce the risk of errors.
  • Simplicity: Enjoy an intuitive interface that simplifies complex workflows.
  • Integration: Seamlessly connect HReasilyPro with your existing applications for a holistic HR solution.


How does HReasilyPro Connect work?

Powered by Workato, a trailblazing automation platform, renowned for its ability to seamlessly connect and orchestrate an array of applications. This robust platform doesn’t just bridge the gap between your favourite apps; it acts as a conduit of transformation for your workflow, empowers you to automate repetitive tasks, streamline processes, and supercharge your productivity across more than 1,200 systems.


The Synergy of HReasilyPro and Workato

Envision the possibilities when this automation powerhouse, Workato, converges with HReasilyPro, our cutting-edge HR management solution. This synergy forms a formidable HR management powerhouse, tailored to meet the evolving needs of your organisation.


Ready to Transform Your HR Management?

If you’re ready to explore the potential of HReasilyPro and take your HR management to the next level, we’re here to help. Email us at [email protected] .

Our dedicated team is excited to guide you through harnessing the full power of this integration, customised to suit your unique HR needs. Let us help you streamline your processes and drive efficiency in your HR operations.