HReasily Classic Product Updates – 29 Jan 2024

In a significant move, HReasily, a HR and payroll solutions, has recently been listed on the Xero Marketplace. This strategic integration brings forth a host of benefits for businesses, enabling a streamlined and efficient payroll process.

HReasilyPro Release – 29 Jan 2024

As part of our ongoing commitment to empowering businesses with advanced capabilities, we are proud to introduce the Singapore CPF Voluntary Contribution feature in HReasilyPro. This enhancement allows you to effortlessly handle CPF Voluntary Contributions for your employees in Singapore, offering increased flexibility and control over your payroll processes.

HReasily Classic Product Updates – 22 Jan 2024

We are thrilled to announce the latest updates to HReasily Classic, reflecting our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for seamless HR and payroll management. In this release, we have focused on refining compliance features and introducing new capabilities to streamline your processes.

HReasilyPro Release – 22 Jan 2024

HReasilyPro has rolled out a series of significant updates, catering to the unique needs of its users. The latest release introduces a comprehensive Philippines payroll system, a multi-currency feature, and the ability to securely send password-protected payslips via email.

EPF percentage monthly reduction – Did you make it right?

Based on the growth trajectory of the EPF fund before COVID-19, The Edge predicted that its fund size would reach RM 1 trillion by the end of 2021.  Amidst pandemic in 2020, EPF still managed to nail a stellar performance in 2nd and 3rd quarters, which is one of the best in at least 16 […]

Tech In Asia HR in Tech Survey 2020

Different work fields have their own guide of what they are looking for in an employee. But one thing is for sure, having the right skills, enthusiasm, passion and work ethic is greatly sought after. These are some of the many key hiring practices highlighted by employees of companies in Southeast Asia. As well as […]

SME Digitization Initiative Grant

SME Digitization Initiative Grant

To ease the burden felt by SMEs, a new Digitization Initiative grant was introduced and provided by the Ministry of Finance Malaysia.

Tips To Avoid WFH Burnout

Some employers may be concerned with increasing productivity of their workforce in a time of global instability. Yet what they should really be concerned about is the risk of employees burning out.