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The Big Read: As more cyber attacks loom

As Singapore shores up its cyber defences, all the best hardware and software that money can buy will not be able to fend off cyber attacks if the ‘peopleware’ is lacking, experts pointed out. Indeed, the latest public awareness survey by the Cyber Security Agency (CSA), released last year, indicated that many Singaporeans were still complacent when it came to cyber-security issues.

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Ask The Finance Minister

Singapore Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat is joined by fellow Singaporeans in this live forum as he tackles the major announcements arising from Singapore Budget 2019.

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The Jay Kim Show Podcast: Pascal Henry

DETAILED SHOW NOTES (1:02) Pascal’s self-introduction (2:32) The pain points that led Pascal to founding HReasily (3:29) An overview of Pascal’s co-founders (4:36) HReasily’s mission statement and the services it provides (5:59) Pascal gives an overview of a traditional HR department and how a SaaS product can aid in those

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Pascal Henry HReasily

HOW THEY’RE SIMPLIFYING HR TASKS WITH LOCALIZED AUTOMATION TOOLS   First published on on 20 Nov 2018. This article is part of Tech in Asia’s partnership with The Jay Kim Show where we publish the revised transcripts from the show’s podcast interviews with top entrepreneurs. This is heavily revised from the

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