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The Jay Kim Show Podcast: Pascal Henry

co-founder and CEO of HReasily


First published on on 20 Nov 2018.

HReasily offers SaaS-based tools to help HR departments of all sizes be more efficient. Available in seven countries throughout Asia (and expanding), HReasily products are locale-specific, incorporating local laws, taxes, etc. into the software. As co-founder and CEO, Pascal has seen the product line grow from payroll processing and leave management into seven different modules, with plans of releasing more in the coming year.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • About HReasily and its various product offerings
  • About the HReasily business model
  • About Pascal’s expansion plans for HReasily
  • How HReasily utilizes partnerships to expand its reach
  • Pascals advice for entrepreneurs


  • (1:02) Pascal’s self-introduction
  • (2:32) The pain points that led Pascal to founding HReasily
  • (3:29) An overview of Pascal’s co-founders
  • (4:36) HReasily’s mission statement and the services it provides
  • (5:59) Pascal gives an overview of a traditional HR department and how a SaaS product can aid in those tasks
  • (9:17) The HReasily business model
  • (10:30) The various HReasily products
  • (16:50) Pascal explains why HReasily is more of a partner than a competitor to payroll outsourcing companies
  • (17:49) The HReasily employee app
  • (18:36) Pascal describes the HReasily onboarding process
  • (20:20) HReasily’s expansion plans and goals
  • (23:07) Pascal explains HReasily’s partnerships with UOB Bank, Visa, Mazars, etc.
  • (24:58) Pascal gives an overview of HReasily’s customer base
  • (27:21) Pascal’s advice for entrepreneurs