HReasily – QuickBooks Integration Benefits

Now, integrated with QuickBooks, your Accounting and HR workflows will be seamlessly easy!

Just with a click of a button, your payroll data can be exported to QuickBooks, instantly & accurately.

How do you do it? It’s easy as pie.

Step 1
Make sure your accounts in QuickBooks is set up.
Step 2
Connect HReasily with QuickBooks through the integration page.
Step 3
Map your payroll items to your QuickBooks accounting codes.
Step 4
Automatically transfer the data upon approval of payroll.
Step 5
Check your QuickBooks accounts to see your payroll entries mirrored!


QuickBooks Online is a cloud based financial management software. Its designed to slash the time you spend managing your business finances, by helping you with tasks such as:

  • Creating estimates and invoices
  • Tracking sales and cash flow
  • Managing your customers and suppliers
  • Monitoring your tax and making tax return much easier
  • Understanding your company’s performance
  • Planning ahead and budgeting

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