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Memahami dan Menghitung PPh Pasal 21

Untold story, kisah dibalik berita kebahagiaan karyawan yang telah menerima gaji bulanan adalah kalang-kabutnya HRD menghitung gaji, tunjangan serta potongan PPh 21-nya. Umumnya HRD masih harus menghitung manual satuan gaji beserta kelengkapannya, sampai akhirnya masuk ke rekening karyawan masing-masing.

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Why Do Business and Invest in Indonesia?

Indonesia is not the easiest place to start a business. But, according to the world bank that has upgraded Indonesia’s status to “Upper Middle-Class Income” country is one of the reasons why you should do business in Indonesia.

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Taking unpaid leave? Here’s what you should know.

Unpaid leave is leave given to the employees without salary, according to the period of the leave taken. In Indonesia, unpaid leave can be given for various reasons, so long not regulated in the labor law (UU Ketenagakerjaan No. 13 Tahun 2003) as the paid leave types. Commonly, unpaid leave

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PP Tapera. What you should know.

The Government Regulation (Peraturan Pemerintah/PP) No. 25 year 2020 about the Housing Saving (Tabungan Perumahan/Tapera) has been issued in 20 May 2020 to be run by the Badan Pengelola Tabungan Perumahan Rakyat (BP Tapera). These are the things you should know about the so called PP Tapera; How it works

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Is WFH the New Normal? How will Startups cope?

Covid-19 has ushered in a new era in which work from home is a necessity and not a privilege. The success of WFH and the benefits associated with it, will encourage organizations to accept it as a norm in the coming days. Abighyan Chand, the Editor at LinkedIn news wrote:

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Late THR Payments – Penalties and Consequences

The Ministry of Manpower has regulated on Surat Edaran (SE) M/6/HI.00.01/V/2020 that the disbursement of religious days allowance (Tunjangan Hari Raya/THR) in 2020 can be postponed if the company’s financial condition gets impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic as long as the employees agree. However, the last disbursement of THR cannot

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